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Essential Oils for Nail Health

  There’s a lot of hype lately around essential oils. But along with their aromatherapy benefits and trendiness, they can also be quite beneficial to nail health! Tea Tree - this is most commonly used for its anti fungal properties when it comes to nail health, but it is also really great for killing bacteria, protecting wounds, and it can even help heal scars. Lavender - similar to tea tree oil as well as having anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. Frankincense - along with scar and wound healing, it also promotes healthy cells and their regrowth which could promote strong healthy nails and growth. Jojoba Oil - this is a great carrier oil when applying essential oils to the nails and...

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5 Creative Ways to Avoid the Cold & Flu Season

  Winter is coming, it’s a season full of hot cocoa, cozy sweaters, and bare trees glistening with a beautiful layer of snow. But along with winter, comes the cold and flu season.  Fortunately, it’s simple to be creative and avoid the cold and flu season! Smoothie bowls - you can add your favourite fruits and veggies for that antioxidant boost and top it off with your favourite nuts and seeds! Switch up your coffee to matcha tea - coffee is known to dehydrate us, by switching to matcha it enhances antioxidants, focus, and also gives that energy boost, you can even make it into a latte if you want to be fancy! Yoga - in practicing yoga controlling our mind...

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What's in your nail polish?

Everything that you apply to your skin is absorbed into the body.  An easy way to reduce your exposure to toxins is to use a more natural nail polish that has removed some of the chemicals that are harmful to our health.   Avoid these ingredients: Toluene, causes headaches and impairs brain function Formaldehyde or formaldehyde resins, a preservative that causes fatigue, nausea, and dizziness Dibutyl phthalate, toxic carcinogen Xylene, damaging to the central nervous system Camphor, easily absorbed through broken skin and can cause toxicity with frequent exposure With the alternative of MOOV nail lacquer, it's easy to avoid these ingredients and still have beautiful, long-lasting nail colour.     .

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Tips for Healthy Nail Growth

1. Set some time for yourself!  20 minutes a week for nail care and you can have nails that are beautiful and healthy.   2.  Cuticle cream is your nail's best friend.  Apply some to the base of your nails on a daily basis.  This helps to stimulate circulation and promote healthy growth.   3.  Soak your cuticles once a week in some warm water.  Apply hand cream and manicure gloves overnight for soft and smooth hands. 4. When it comes to filing, use a soft grade natural nail and file nails from the outer edge to the centre - do not "saw" back and forth.

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It's TIFF time!

MOOV returns to The Toronto International Film Festival this year!  From September 10 to 13th, we will be taking residence at The Trump Towers in the heart of downtown.  Looking forward to providing a warm welcome to Toronto to the industry elite and film lovers alike.  We will be celebrating the launch of our Celebrity Hue Lunching in Yorkville to celebrate the art and culture of TIFF.

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