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Essential Oils for Nail Health


There’s a lot of hype lately around essential oils. But along with their aromatherapy benefits and trendiness, they can also be quite beneficial to nail health!

Tea Tree - this is most commonly used for its anti fungal properties when it comes to nail health, but it is also really great for killing bacteria, protecting wounds, and it can even help heal scars.

Lavender - similar to tea tree oil as well as having anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties.

Frankincense - along with scar and wound healing, it also promotes healthy cells and their regrowth which could promote strong healthy nails and growth.

Jojoba Oil - this is a great carrier oil when applying essential oils to the nails and skin because it contains proteins and is similar to the skin’s natural softening properties and absorbs easily.

Many essential oils have beneficial properties to the skin, so have some fun and experiment with your favourite essential oils or try some listed above for optimal nail growth and health.


Author:  Jenna Pixner