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5 Creative Ways to Avoid the Cold & Flu Season


Winter is coming, it’s a season full of hot cocoa, cozy sweaters, and bare trees glistening with a beautiful layer of snow. But along with winter, comes the cold and flu season.  Fortunately, it’s simple to be creative and avoid the cold and flu season!

Smoothie bowls - you can add your favourite fruits and veggies for that antioxidant boost and top it off with your favourite nuts and seeds!

Switch up your coffee to matcha tea - coffee is known to dehydrate us, by switching to matcha it enhances antioxidants, focus, and also gives that energy boost, you can even make it into a latte if you want to be fancy!

Yoga - in practicing yoga controlling our mind and body can actually positively affect our overall wellbeing

Exercise - cardio and weight bearing exercise actually improves our metabolism and promotes detox

Lemon ginger tea - is a simple and tasty way to boost immunity and even fight nausea (if you happen to get sick)

Author:  Jenna Pixner