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The Imperative - Toronto's One Stop Vegan Shop


I was given the opportunity to attend The Imperative's launch party on Queen West the day before it officially opened. The Imperative is Canada's very first all vegan retail store, it carries almost all of your essentials from beauty products, clothing, stationary, and cheese!

Along with the cosmetics they carry, you can also find Toronto's own Moov Cosmetics line of vegan nail polish. It's a great store for vegans who don't want to have to worry about animal cruelty and animal products being used in production of all of the products they carry. It is also great for  those who aren't necessarily vegan, but want to learn more about it or even just to keep up with a new viral trend. It is beyond just what they carry in their store, it's their unapologetic veganism and their core values of justice that draws people to their store.

Veganism is for everybody (like some of the clothing they sell says) and if you haven't already checked them out, you should definitely visit their new, all vegan store at 1332 Queen St W. Toronto.