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Oregano Oil--Your new go-to product!

Our everyday environment has countless toxins--most of which we can’t avoid--all we can do is take action to do our best to stay clear from the harmful effects of our environment.

To do this, we simply need one thing in our “medicine” cabinet, and that’s oregano oil!

A lot of people know that oregano oil can help treat and prevent illnesses and infections. However, did you know that beyond being anti fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial, oregano oil also contains vitamins A, C, E, B3, and minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, copper, boron, and iron?

And another common thing many may not know about oregano oil, it actually has antioxidant properties!

By now I’m assuming you are kind of getting excited as you’re reading this, but it’s about to get better…

Because of all of oregano oil’s properties I just mentioned, it can actually treat/prevent:

UTIs (urinary tract infections)

yeast infections

parasitic infections (it’s a great idea to take with you when travelling)

food borne illnesses



sore throat


stop inflammation & joint pain (including rheumatoid arthritis)

stop cancer cell growth

bug bites (repellent as well as after bite treatment)

 The only downfall about oregano oil, is that it doesn’t taste the greatest, but considering how little you have to take for it to be effective and how beneficial it is to your body. I’m sure that you’ll get past the taste!


Author:  Jenna Pixner

Holistic Nutritionist